First real post. 1/3/09

| Saturday, January 3, 2009

So today was suppose to be productive but iono if u know me. Uh its hard to get me to be productive. Goal was to get hella schoolwork done but we just got some done. Day started chill. Renee picked me up and we went to get lunch. Originally we were gunna go to La BULLSHIT cafe. Some French shit. But went to stacks instead. We visited Eugene at Azaleas or however u spell it. We had to comfort him about his bike gettin stolen. w.e that nigga still has a yamaguchi. After food went to the library. didnt really get anything done. So we went to stonestown borders. Ran into mitra out of nowhere. Wrote a lil bit of my artist statement then pooop goes Renee’s computer. Ok so I though we should bowl iono y but I did. we called colleen and bopped around the mall waiting to leave. then bowling. Now im home stressin about school, texting jackeezy.


Chris said...

hahaha, I wanna see YOU bowl