| Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CIROCKSF IS NOW ON THE AZUKI PAGE! or you can go to and click on the

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| Friday, September 17, 2010

"Are those corvette wheels on a jetta!?" "THATS A GIRL CAR!!!" a few lines Carl gets with his car lol!. We did a shoot in some random streets of sf.

Chill Night Out in SF
Finished the shoot with a nice pic of the bridge. click my flickr link for more pics ^^^^^^ top right.

Fatlace Paddock.

| Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thursday Night Fatlace Paddock! Met Del! Thanks Mark and John for my pass at FD. FD pics up soon.

^^^look at the ass in the background

Mini Swaggg

| Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So sunday night i decide to hit up Jino to shoot his mini cooper. His car is dropped on RS's i believe its a 9.5 on the rear and a 8.5 on the front. It sits pretty staggered. We hit up this one spot i heard about from some friends. It was a like a warehouse. Then I still wanted to shoot. But i wanted it to show a bit more busy environment so we just went downtown. it wasnt to busy so we decided to block the streets. took some pics downtown. got a few of my car too even though my ek was dirty. Meet up Omar and hit up the legion of honor. we got kicked out. the cop said some bullshit to us "its a 500 dollar fine if you dont have a permit" BULLSHIT. But lucky the last and only pic we got of omars car turned out nice.



mini rs








Crawdaddy, Fatlace, and SweetBreams.

| Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of school was bleh. i was just lookin forward to friday and saturday! Friday we planned to take the Seattle homies to boiling crab but no Karl had to lag. So we went to Crawdaddy instead. FOOD COLMA. The next day we heard Kenny and Jan were working at Fatlace. So we decided to swing by. Chilled there like the old times. Kenny and Jan invited us to a Art Gallery opening at SweetBreams in San Mateo. THERE KIDS SUNDAY IS SOOO GOOD. Pineapple Swirl soft serve with red bean taiyakis. Meet Scott from Fatlace and got to hit up in Mike "Bam"'s black book. Chill weekend. Now of to dinner with the mom. Hopefully bbq 2m.

and some vTEC!!!!!! lol


| Thursday, September 2, 2010

So I know it seems like ive been MIA from blogspot. or real blogging in general. (tumblr is not really blogging!) But I said to myself im gunna bring it back when school starts and here I am. Now goin to AAU. Things have kinda changed. Well i got a new comp! Now i can edit quicker. I am not a new media major cuz its just something i always wanted to learn and do. But photography will always be important since it is incorporated in this major. I drive a ek hatch now. NO MORE TL =(. and i start school in 12 hours and i have zero school supplies. =(. Tonight was my last night of summer and i meet some cool ppl. Start out wtih some dmv bullshit. then met up rolo, mindy, marvin, and zalo. Headed to Karl's and went to wingstop with some cool kids from Seattle. Ended up shooting around sf. got some interesting shots of my car. here ya go. thanks Karl for shooting the ones of my car. Sorry i can shoot my own car and drive it.
Twin Peaks. Last Night of Summer.
SF Last summer night
My EK light trail.
3 wheelin BW
3 wheelin hatch
LOL 3 wheelin!

Boiling Crab/SJ then some car shit and some bike shit.

| Friday, April 9, 2010

Gellert meets, weapon r shot, and jordans rolling shot.

No cassettes Premier.