Crawdaddy, Fatlace, and SweetBreams.

| Sunday, September 5, 2010

First day of school was bleh. i was just lookin forward to friday and saturday! Friday we planned to take the Seattle homies to boiling crab but no Karl had to lag. So we went to Crawdaddy instead. FOOD COLMA. The next day we heard Kenny and Jan were working at Fatlace. So we decided to swing by. Chilled there like the old times. Kenny and Jan invited us to a Art Gallery opening at SweetBreams in San Mateo. THERE KIDS SUNDAY IS SOOO GOOD. Pineapple Swirl soft serve with red bean taiyakis. Meet Scott from Fatlace and got to hit up in Mike "Bam"'s black book. Chill weekend. Now of to dinner with the mom. Hopefully bbq 2m.

and some vTEC!!!!!! lol