High School

| Monday, May 25, 2009

I been at home and i guess since after prom it kinda is hitting me hard. Im really about to go to college and 4 of the most influential years have passed. Ive learn hellla about myself. Meet new friends, had enemies, lost friends, been through heart aches. Though out high school all i could think about is how much i hate high school. And now its like damn i really am gunna miss these 4 year of my life. Ive changed SOOOOOO much. From a hypebeast to a hardcore graff artist to a whipped ass idiot boyfriend (yea i admit it)to a fixed gear fiend and a young photographer. yea to look back at it i was prolly confused. but its High school. It has shaped me to become a well rounded "Sean!" and i will never lose this influences. daaamnnn

thinkin bout this summer. its gunna be... lol fuck iono wat to even say. After this summer its reallllly real life. We are alll really going to be chasing our dreams. Even its art school, a CC, a state, some far ass college, UC generic. W/E we are reallly alll taking one fat ass step closer to our future.

i need to make some shout outs. my niggas and the senior class.

ok my nigga terence. nigga better read this shit. lol.
ive know you since i was fuckin 5! 13 years later i think i would have to choose u if i needed someone to write my life story. i know i barely kick it with u lately. nothing personal. but you know the game. we are chasing 2 different dreams be u will always be my nigga. just know ur roots. u already know il keep it short.

Renee Renee Renee renneeeeee wtf. u used to be a fuckin bitch wen u were 7. karate class geneva ave. honestly i didnt ever think we would be close friends. but it jsut happened. and wtf NYU nigga. wtffffff. i know shits gunna be hard. no lie 3000 miles aint no joke. just remember to hold on to who you are and ur roots. never lose urself to NYC. if u dont stay in contact i might jsut have to slap a nigga.

GATEWAY SENIOR CLASS! I FUCKIN HATE U GUYS! well naw i hated the school not u guys. honestly as much as i hated school. many of u guys made me whole i am know. even though none of us are alike AT ALLL. its weird i like never kick it with ppl from gateway out side of school. but the fact that this graduation shit is hitting me. i hope to see alot of u guys this summer and in the future.

and to EVERYONE!. Im just Sean its me. im gunna be goin to SFAI. always a city kid. come to my graduation! June 13th at 10am at Gateway High School!

next chapter of my life....... =( =) =( =)


Chris said...

I love reading your blog because youre dyslexic.

just kidding,

"we are really alll taking one fat ass step closer to our future"

favorite line. I'm glad you'll still be close by, so I can bother you

Darryl B. said...

Uh hey maybe shout out class of 08

We helped shape you too man. :P