I need to update! I know! sorryyy.

| Friday, February 19, 2010

Sorry ive became a tumblrer. check it out too. cirocksf.tumblr.com but tumblr is lame at the same time so much random shit on there. Soooo im gunna start the first pic with this. B-KARL

lol anyways. here are some pics of the valentines day alleycat and trick comp in SJ

I recently went to sonics! wooooo

I had to go night shooting at the last minute for a photo assignment and dragged terence along. It was a frustrating night. most pics did not turn out the way i wanted but i got by. and finished the night off at lucky chances.

^^^ that fence was soo annoying and the bridge was vibrating!

Today i kinda went riding lol. got some pics with carl and fonseca. jake came out and he was the only one doing anything big today.

And ended my day with JDM kitkats! i had to stock up this time so i dont regret it.

More pics on my flickr.


Ronald Lee said...

Aye share them kitkats.

Matthew Divita said...

Tumblr can suck my dick. Yea, my dick ya noob.

dunksrnice said...

wow serious though sean?